Earth Flight Chronicles

Prepping for the big fight

The Whimsydiddlers prepared for a fight with Equine Skiaagi, the green dragon.  They are going to move a fake painting to a cave in the forest south of the city and then ambush her and trap her with some magic manacles.  The manacles should stop her from being able to teleport away or transform into her dragon form.  They have been given to warrior Fyodor because he would probably be the best at putting them on her.  The Whimsydiddlers picked the cave so that they could stop her from transforming into her dragon form and so they could flank her.  They are small enough that if she choose to transform she would be squeezed tight in the small tunnels.  They also acquired a dragonbane weapon from Vladimir, one of the leaders of Bondemag.  This weapon was given to Rogue Fyodor since the actual whimsydiddlers don't really use many weapons.  They also acquired several scrolls and potions of protection from evil to help resist her mind control.

The Whimsydiddlers also had a meeting with the green dragon herself.  She asked them to back down and leave her alone or she would destroy them.  They still decided to face her and get the goods.  Varsha befriended some animals near her estate and tasked them with keeping her up all night.  The night before they led her to the cave one of the mind controlled Fyodors came a knocking and attacked the Whimsydiddlers.  He was dispatched but kept them from getting any sleep.  The Whimsydiddler started their plan and headed to the cave to prepare and set up for the ambush.


I think I skipped a couple of these

After setting up the contact between Camanter and the Toro Tasi Camanter's papa showed up and wanted to destroy Whimsydale.  So the Whimsydiddlers had to fight him and convince him to leave.

Afterwards the Whimsydiddlers decided to go after their last objective of gaining the allegiance of the Monastery of the Feathered Arrow.  When they got there they met Varsha, a Tengu druid, who decided to help with their journey.  The monastery was not letting anyone new in because something had been stolen recently.  The Whimsydiddlers found a wasp keeper who could get them into the monastery but he wanted their help with his lava wasp colonies.  They found a pair of displacer beasts on the mountain and killed them.  The wasp keeper then gave them some fire honey to give to the head of the monastery.  

When they arrived at the monastery and gave them the honey they confided in the Whimsydiddlers.  The monks told them that their prized artifact, The Volcanic Belows, had recently been stolen by a woman dressed entirely in green.  They promised to get the monastery their artifact back in exchange for them helping Camanter and the Whimsydiddlers in building their nation.  

Camanter used magic to track the green dragon to the city of Bondemag in Trodor.  We visited Bizran Vogue to help us deal with this dragon.  He grabbed 30 interns to be slaves and the Whimsydiddlers headed out along with a professional Toro Tasi disguise artist.  

On their way to Bondemag while going through a forest the Whimsydiddlers ran into some treants.  The treats asked them to go find one of their warriors who was kidnapped and forced to fight in Bondemag.  

When the Whimsydiddlers got to Bondemag they found the treant and made a deal with Oleg Fleshpress.  If they won a fight against his son he would give them the treant.  They faced his sone with the help of Varsha and their new friend Luongo Fernando Deutsche, a swashbuckling catman.  After defeating his annoying straightedge son Fleshpressed honored his deal and handed over the treant.  The Whimseydiddlers escorted him to edge of town and let him leave.

The Whimseydiddlers also met Brock Hawkson, a private investigator who was looking to the theft of some wealthy people's stuff and the murder of Fyodor Stainhands.   Despite being killed in a fire at his workshop he popped up again and the green dragon lady attacked him.  Then another one popped up.  So they are at 3 Fyodors.   The Fyodors told the Whimsydiddlers that the original Fyodor painted a perfect self portrait and was absorbed by it.  Then 8 copies of him popped out.  the dragon is after the painting so she can make copies of herself.  She has killed 4 of him already and is after the others.  Fyodor #2 and #3 are still freaked out and say we aren't ready.

This Is Not My Beautiful House!

After an exciting win at a game of foosball Asajat made contact with the Whimsydiddlers.  He told them that they could meet Rublub the Dusk Skipper in the sunroom on the second floor of their mansion.  He also informed them that there are 2 ways to get to their base.  The Whimsydiddlers could either go to some local caverns or they could find a door that hasn't been opened in exactly a week.  

Trying to find the mansion the Whimsydiddlers headed out to the abandoned warehosue district.  They caught a baby and then traded to a baby snatcher for some information.  It was alright though.  The baby snatcher seemed like an alright guy and they armed him with some good gear. 

They eventually found the door and entered the mansion.  The mansion was all broken.  None of the doors lead to where they were suppose to.  So the Whimsydiddlers began a breadth first search to find the path to the sunroom on teh second floor.  They found a bunch of annoying dopplegangers and phase spiders.  They didn't kill any of them since the dopplegangers weren't super violent and the phase spiders would run away.  They eventually found a path that lead to the sunroom and they set up a meeting between Rublub and Camanter.

They may return with fire, a phaselocking weapon, and more will saves.

Taking Slaves and Swimming in Lava

The Whimsydiddlers traveled to the grippli city of Tortuga.  On their way into town they convinced a guard to become their indentured servant.  They then visited an underground fighting rings and barely made it out alive.  They took some swimming lessens in lava but somehow survived.


They also came up with some secret phrases. 

Their identification phrase is "How's it hangin'?" and the other person should respond with "Long and loose and full of juice!".

Their danger phrase is "Smasher"  If any of them mention Smasher it is a sign to the others that they are in danger.

A New Friend Arrives

Softstone found a pod door in the hole Robot had him dig.  It was really radioactive and turning people into polyhedrons!   There was also word from a fishing village down south of some similar polyhedral fish.  The Whimsydiddlers went to investigate!

Down in this small fishing town they met a new friend by the name of Kthulhu (with a silent K).  He is an octopus man that worships a dark octo god who is surprisingly similar to Ursula from The Little Mermaid.  

With Kthulhu's help they ventured into a watery caves filled with a bunch of stupid slugs.  They rescued a local fisherman and killed some large tangled vines to get at its prescious innards.  They also found some slugs and tangly vines that had been infected by the weird lawful radiation.  They were dicks.  The Whimsydiddlers fought and killed them and found a black pearl covered in bismuth in the tangly vine's gizzards.  

In this cave they found the rest of the pod with the missing door.  It was activated and had a bunch of charts and meters and stuff.  We deactivated it to prevent the radiation from poisoning and infecting everyone.  They also sent word to some of the other androids to come and investigate the pod.

Also, Audrey Joined a coven!  … The sea witch wouldn't let anyone else join.


I Have to keep up on this

The Whimsydiddlers arrived at the 3rd floor of Peoples of Magic's compound.  They walked into a bunch of maze traps that were really annoying but had some nice loot.  In the inner areas they found a scroll named Mappy that turned out to be the map they were looking for.  They then busted People's face good.  He magic jarred into Stoney their tablet friend and they had to beat Peoples out of Stoney for good.  They then freed all the heiroscripts and books.  They looted the museum on the first floor and made their way back to Ancient's skyscraper.  They then collected all the cool info, went to the Directory's party and returned to the material plane.

Once More into the Breach

After destroying some McBangers  and lockpicking a door the Whimsydiddler's met with Ancients of Technology and his Heiroscript, Ronathan.  Ancients was a rather woke book and sympathized with the plight of many Heiroscripts and the Whimsydiddlers.  He agreed to help the Whimsydiddlers get the information they are looking for in exchange for a favor.   Ancients wanted the Whimsydiddlers to break into People's of Magic's compound and free some books that he is indoctrinating.  

The Whimsydiddler's accepted Ancients's offer and went to the compound disguised as Heiroscripts.  They wandered around the lower levels a bit checking out some of the exhibits.  They then followed some other up to the second floor.  There the Whimsydiddlers beat up some naked dudes, stole some magic items, and ripped up some scrolls.  They finally made their way to an elevator to the third level and their goal.

Last Time On ...

After finding the punch wizard Asoros, The Whimsydiddlers asked him a bunch of questions for a big info dump.  He informed them of the non-fiction section, the directory, the weird holes in the ceiling, and a bunch about the books and how they survived in the library.  He also gave them a butt ton of silence scrolls.

The Whimsydiddlers made their way up to the ceiling and into one of the weird holes.  After being pummeled by card catalog cards, the directory, a psychic hive mind, contacted them.  It wanted the Whimsydiddlers to find and allow a note card to catalog Asoros's spell book.  The whimsydiddlers returned to Asoros to find a way to catalog his spell book without letting his book enemies know where he is.   With Asoros, they traveled to the quiet section and cataloged his book on a random shelf.  They then bolted and the Whimsydiddlers returned to talk to the Directory.  

The Directory was pleased that they had helped it catalog Booky McBookface and decided to throw a party later on.  The Whimsydiddlers got plenty of information on different books and where they are located.  Also, they got access to the nonfiction section through the directory.  

When the Whimsydiddlers arrived at the nonfiction section the books and hieroscripts stared in bewilderment at them.  They met the book Rats and Spiders who brought them to his home and gave them some info on the heads of the nonfiction section.  The Whimsydiddlers then slipped into a secret passage that lead them to the section of the city where Ancients of Technology lived.  They found a large elevator at the end of the tunnel.  They busted into the elevator car and surprised 2 books on their way to see Ancients of Technology.

Getting Some More Adventure Logs Up in Here!

After Robot's romantic week with another android in his data port The Whimsydiddlers hit the road.  While on the road they ran into a pretty lady in green named Equeen Skiagi.  She was a cunt who mind controlled them and rifled through their gear.  She didn't find anything she wanted, such as the Lyre of Building.  She then breathed on them and skedaddled.  

The Whimsydiddlers returned to Camanter and informed him of their encounter with The Green Cunt.  They had a brief conversation with Camanter about what happens to a dragon's hoard once it is complete.  Rotob let the Whimsydiddlers know what the Barbarians value.  The Barbarians are interested in 

  • Fighting
  • Penguin Snake Riding
  • Drinking
  • Hunting
  • Securing Freedom

Rotob and the Whimsydiddlers then had a drinking contest that Robot dominated.  After the Whimsydiddlers sobered up they headed to The Capital.

At The Capital the Whimsydiddlers visited the library.  It was broken into 5 areas.

  • Medical Branch
  • Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Magic 
  • Teaching
  • Maybe there was only 4.  I don't remember.

The Whimsydiddlers visited the beast section to talk with the local dragon expert, Bizram Vogu.  He was dissecting a Flumph.  He gave them some info on dragons, a few book suggestions, and offered to help with a dragon hunt.  They then visited the medicinal section of the library.  They asked Edric Ca about mind control fungus.  He didn't have much info on them but would like a sample.  Edric suggested using alcohol to inhibit growth and to burn the entire fucking forest down.  The Whimsydiddlers then checked out the magic section.  Erbre Om informed them that there is an Earth Nexus deep below the earth  called the Crystaline Cavern.  He also told them about the plane of positive energy and the demi-plane of plant growth. 

More Story

The adventurers found that the Lyre of Building had already been taken from Hendrox's tomb.  It was ok though since they made friends with Hendrox and got a beer with him in town.  The adventurers figured out the the other adventurers they met on the road took the lyre and that Galrayin had marked it.  So they returned to Whimseydale.

The adventurers also named themselves The Whimseydiddlers.

When they got back to Whimseydale they had found that Unvroid had mixed all of Li Zzard's beverages together so that all the bottles had the same amount and consistency.  The Whyimseydiddlers then returned to Camanter to inform him of what they found out about the lyre and their plan to convince the other adventurers to join them.  Camanter told them he would meet with Galrayin as a way to distract him while they got the Lyre.  The Whimseydiddlers convinced the other group to join their glorious new nation and to meet Camanter.  When they got back to Camanter's cave he was still fighting Galrayin.  Eventually Galrayin left and Camanter struck a deal with the other adventurers.

Camanter had put together a list of tasks that must be done to create the new nation.  

  • Survey a location for the capital

    • Camanter thinks he had found a good place for the capital and sent a surveyor.  The Whimseydiddlers should go and find this surveyor and get his report of the area.


  • Acquire troops for General Togo to lead

    • Nomadic Barbarians

      • Big strong fight mans!
    • The Flame Raiders

      • Mounted troops in the planes that are lead by someone that can create fire.
    • The Order of the Feathered Arrow

      • Tengu monk archers.  They can get some great shots while flying.
    • Torotasi

      • Grippli super spies.  They can find out a byunch of info on stuff




The Whimseydiddlers decided to go survey the possible location for the capital.  They hired a guide, Gazzi Furgani, that looked like Tony the Tiger to help them travel through the forest and find the surveyor, Ferin LaRoussi.  He was not GRRREAT!  They also visited the Tuneston university library to get some info about The Lost Library.  They found out that librarians sometimes find the entrance to The Lost Library somewhere in their stacks and never return.  We also checked out books about the Dewey Decimal System, The Lost Library, and monsters from around the world.  

The Whimseydiddlers then entered the forest.  After some traveling they found some dead body guards and some gross mind control fungus.  Eventually they found Ferin in his upside down boat.  On their way to the location Gazzi and Li Zzard were infected by the mind control fungus.  Gazzi Ran away but Li Zzard was able to resist.  The Whimseydiddlers were able to protect Ferin long enough for him to survey the future location of the capital.  Ferin then righted his boat into a river, everyone piled in, and they sailed back home.

Once back at Whimseydale, The WhimseyDiddlers met back up with Neville Nedd.  They then went looking for the Flame Raiders.  They made contact with the Flame Raiders but they seemed to be using some illusions to mask their true numbers.  The Whimseydiddlers followed the Flame Raiders back to their camp.  Their leader, Flameo Hotman, is an android with the power to control flames.  He had a few conditions that must be met if he was going to help the Whimseydiddlers make their nation.  The Whimseydiddlers must:

  • Find a way to protect the planes while the Flame Raiders are away
  • There must be no battles fought in the planes
  • Convince them that it is a good idea

Rob then had a very sensual data transmission with Flameo that lasted a week.

During Rob's downtime Trodor began marching troops through the planes.  The other Whimseydiddlers went to stopped them with the help of  Job Ishtar, the Flame Raider illusionist and son of Papa Gogal.


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