Earth Flight Chronicles

Once More into the Breach

After destroying some McBangers  and lockpicking a door the Whimsydiddler's met with Ancients of Technology and his Heiroscript, Ronathan.  Ancients was a rather woke book and sympathized with the plight of many Heiroscripts and the Whimsydiddlers.  He agreed to help the Whimsydiddlers get the information they are looking for in exchange for a favor.   Ancients wanted the Whimsydiddlers to break into People's of Magic's compound and free some books that he is indoctrinating.  

The Whimsydiddler's accepted Ancients's offer and went to the compound disguised as Heiroscripts.  They wandered around the lower levels a bit checking out some of the exhibits.  They then followed some other up to the second floor.  There the Whimsydiddlers beat up some naked dudes, stole some magic items, and ripped up some scrolls.  They finally made their way to an elevator to the third level and their goal.


matthew_schelz timothyschelz

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