Earth Flight Chronicles

Journey to Tuneston

The adventurers just teleported out of the Royal Stockade back to Camanter's lair.  [[Gustaff Togo]], while stable, was still in really bad shape.  Ned Neville took him to a monastery to heal his wounds.  Since they had left, the android Robot had found was reactivated and was using the void to clean Camanter's horde.  Li Zzard, Audrey Swizzlestick, and Robot informed Camanter about the prophecy and Camanter informed them of their next mission.

The adventurers are to find the Lyre of Building so that the capital of the new nation can be built quickly.  Camanter knew that the lyre was used to build the current capital but did not know much else.  

The adventurers went to research the Lyre of Building.  While doing so they ran into a friend of Li Zzard, Darwin, and he decided to help them on their quest.  The adventurers discovered that the lyre was used by the bard James Hendrox to help build the [[Fulon Kingdom]].  They also discovered that the lyre was burried in Tuneston with Hendrox.

On their way to Tuneston the adventurers ran into another group.  They were working for a man dressed in red called Galrayin.  They were headed to Whimsydale to see if they could use the magic yarnball to make magic cloth.  This other group seemed to have marks on their equipment similar to the the ones Camanter placed on the adventurers.  

The adventurers eventually arrived at Tuneston.  The tomb of James Hendrox played music on every full moon and new moon.  The next day was a new moon and so the adventurers visited the tomb while it played music.  They made their way inside and used some of James Hendrox's own music to calm some of the undead inhabitants.  


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