Earth Flight Chronicles

The Story so Far

Smash cut.  Whimsydale is preparing for their harvest festival and the traditional rolling of the giant yarn ball.  The mayor, Bubbles Albrek, has been worried about some recent kobold thefts around town.  He is worried that something might happen to ruin this year's harvest festival.  To deal with this problem he hires a few locals to investigate the kobolds and stop the thefts.  Li Zzard, Audrey Swizzlestick, Frizzle Swizzlestick, and Robot accept the job.  

While the adventurers are going around town and investigating the crime scenes the kobolds enact their master plan.  They open a tunnel in the middle of town and roll the town's giant yarnball into it.  The brave adventurers follow the tunnel into the kobold's caves and kill most of the inhabitants.  During the fighting Frizzle Swizzlestick is killed.  The remaining adventurers and Ned Neville parley with the master of the kobolds, Content Not Found: Camanter_.  Content Not Found: Camanter_ apologizes for the actions of his kobolds and returns the yarn ball.  Later Content Not Found: Camanter comes to town with a proposition for the adventurers.

Content Not Found: Camanter wishes to create a great dragon horde unlike any seen before it.  He wishes his horde to be a great nation of men and women.  He asks the adventurers to help him in this goal and in return will give them positions of power in the nation.  The adventurers will have say over how the nation is governed and ruled.  The adventurers accepted the proposition.

For their first mission the adventurers were sent to the capital city of Fulong, Capital City.  Their goal was to rescue the mercenary general, [[:Gustaff Togo]], from the Royal Stockade.  When the adventurers got to the city they met with [[:Princess Leanor Remington]].  She aided the adventurers by giving them uniforms and helping them get into the Royal Quarter.  The adventurers then snuck into the Royal Stockade.  Inside they met a prisoner named Papa Gogal.  Papa Gogal gave the adventurers the message "You will suffer a wealth of suffering, a necessary betrayal, and only through struggle will any salvation be gained.  Only after the loss of all you have will all be saved."  The adventurers then fought their way to [[:Gustaff Togo]]'s cell and teleported back to Content Not Found: Camanter's lair.



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